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  • Nate,

    Considering that I live within 100 miles from Newnan, GA and order from Sparkfun on a regular basis, I think it is a given I would have been one of those customers that you would have been forced to disclose if you had given in to the originally subpoena request. I very much appreciate your handling of the situation the way you did.

    It would have been rather easy for you to just quietly fulfill the original request and never say anything about it as this is what Google and Facebook do on a daily basis. Instead, you did the right thing, spent the extra time, and informed us of what you did as soon as you could. I genuinely appreciate this, and is one of many reasons why I am a Sparkfun customer.

    Thomas (in Atlanta)

  • I agree with the above poster... I really like the idea, but data sheet please!!! :-)

  • What I think you need would be a 24bit sigma delta ADC which is used for these types of applications. <br />
    <br />
    Unfortunately, sparkfun does not yet have any of these (yet), but I have implemented the AD7192 on the Arduino in an earlier design with no problems. I would think it would be ideal for what you want because it requires very little additional components, is very easy to work with, and has a noise of around 11nv as I recall.... Also, at a gain of 8 (3.3V), your resolution would probably be around 22 bits.

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