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  • I built two of these and reprogrammed them with Paulb’s code edited for the Atiny85. I do not have the green led’s working at all on either kit. Have not finished troubleshooting so don’t know if I screwed something up or if there is something else going on. The default software really is useless… The only code changes I needed were the pin assignments (The green LED’s did not work before I reprogrammed…) and the interrupt enable is “TIMSK =” not “TIMSK0 =”

  • Well, to add to everyones previous comments, I didn’t read the source code until AFTER I ordered 15 of these for a training class. I just put one together and it certainly doesn’t emulate a candle (lol, not that I expected it too) but I did expect color fading and there is none. It runs amok. Looks like I am going to have to solder headers on one of them and bust out the C code. I will try Paul B’s code with some tweaking. Fortunately I am using them for soldering practice. I did buy 60 Tiny Cylons too but could not get 75 at the time so I bout 15 of these. Keep ya posted. but this isn’t high on my to do list…

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