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  • Good lord sparkfun... put the #'s up.

    The Intel Edison module uses a 22-nm Intel® Atom™ SoC, formerly Silvermont that includes a dual core, dual threaded CPU at 500 MHz and a 32-bit Intel® Quark™ processor MCU at 100 MHz. It supports 40 GPIOs and includes: 1 GB LPDDR3, 4 GB EMMC, and dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth® Low Energy on a module the size of a postage stamp.


  • Ah the C&D... I posted that article to slashdot ya know :P

  • Update.
    This gyro is working great, I have it running in a kalman filter with a digital accelerometer. No problems with it, very responsive, and quite accurate.

  • Hello,
    I have gotten some readings out of this and it seems to be a pretty decent gyro. I have 3.3v to the ard's 3.3v, same with VREF (I am not certain if this is a best practice yet), then I grounded PD/ST also ground to ground.
    I then hooked the Z/X to ADC's on the Arduino. The readings seem to sit around 680. Which is roughly .664 of 5v's.. AKA 3.3v's. Which is about right for the VREF I am giving it.
    When twisting it and messing around the gyro's I can get the reading to bounce between 640 and 740 or so. I have not tried the 4x yet, but according to the data sheet you'll need to short the 1x's to each other before 4x will output.
    I have output its readings in line with an accelerometer and it matches up... so I think its functional.
    Hope this helps everyone out..

  • I've gotten a response out of it.. I hooked up 3.3v and VREF to the 3.3v line on my ard mega, I then grounded out ST and PD.
    After that, I hooked the x/y(4x) into pins 6 and 7. Did an analogRead on those and was seeing about 690. If I twist the object rapidly along its axis I can get it to peak to like 730 to 640. When I go to 1x, nothing changes on it really just a bit of drift. It'll sit around 690.
    So, I don't know what to tell you. I've read posts that it may be a defective design. No idea

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