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  • Free Day is Over? Already? :-(

  • Ah, that is very unfortunate. I was thinking about picking up a couple xbees while they were on sale, and I figured I could buy them today. Oh well, I'm not in any rush, no particular projects I was going to use them for.

  • I liked the concept, but there was one big problem. There were too many people who don't appreciate do-it-yourself electronics. It's not that I didn't "win", not that I wasted hours of my life building the perfect cart and F5'ing, just that people that don't deserve the opportunity beat me.
    You need to make the products worthless for reselling. For example, engrave something on them. It could be the buyer's SparkFun account name, their password, or their billing address. Maybe cause some cosmetic damage to the parts. Regardless, people who want to make projects shouldn't care.
    What do you guys think? I would love to see it happen again without all the people that don't know even know what solder is.
    I was hoping to get stuff that I'll never pay for. Some things would just be cool to play with, but I can't justify the cost. I'm ordering a bunch of components anyway, from whatever the cheapest reliable seller is. The GPS module won't be on the list though.
    Thanks guys, the atmosphere really was fun (especially the day before Free Day, hehe).

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