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  • "The minions of Skynet turned out to be somewhat less intimidating than expected."

  • I can't make out what Rob says as he's running down the hall and knocks the stuff out of his hands, can anyone else?

  • Young Maker,
    This is the website I use to find what my fuse bits should be:
    There is an immense number of option available, I'd really suggest taking some time to wade through them; using custom fuse bits settings can allow for some really intense customization of your Arduino.
    Here is a blog that goes into some detail about to use the website and how to use avrdude to actually modify those bits in the hardware:
    The blog post is written with an ATtiny85 in mind, but the same techniques can be applied to any Atmel micro. Some of the later posts on that same blog deal with how to absolutely minimize power consumption of the micros, which is really interesting and useful for certain projects! Good luck.

  • doobie,
    I would suggest researching the Arduino's Brown-Out Detector. It can be programmed to detect when the input voltage level drops past a certain threshold and resets when it does detect this. Whenever it performs a reset due to brown-out, a special flag (BORF of the MCUSR) is set.
    Something I've done with this is always check this flag upon start-up, and if it's set, disable all other outputs (to save as much power as possible) and output to a red LED (or something similar) to indicate that the batteries need to be charged.

  • I just received two of these battery holders. Title says AAA, description says AA, they are indeed AAA, so the description is incorrect. They look very sleek and appear to be of solid construction, can't wait to use it in my project.

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