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  • i really need help . this device with its original mode , will loop play if you let the button pressed for more than one second . it kills the battery life because the busy line used to standby the amp is always high. what is the solution to this problem ?

  • hey , there is quite a problem here if you use it with the mono amp . i linked the busy line into the stand by of the amp ; but reader module has a little problem ; if you press too long (longer than around one second) the busy bypasses and stay ON indefinitely ; so the amp is stuk on ON mode , and you can t save battery life

  • so i have my own answer , i went and bought the last 1go card in the universe , and it is a kingstone , it worked on first try

  • sooo, i have a project due in few days , i got this little reader, with the mono amp that seems to go well with it , i got it to work once (took a while) , mp3 mode , with grounding the play pin, with a 2go FAT no brand (maybe something chinese) microSD , i went to change the file to try to play something else , now , the player doesnt works anymore , tried everything i could , (the Amp works , i tested it separately ) so , is it possible that my sd was compatible once , and now it is no more compatible ? is it possible that i fried the reader? How to verify ? is it normal to have some kind of different high frequency sounds when not playing , while removing the sd and trying to remove the battery . now if i ground , the player seems to start , but go back to idle 1 second later , and i hear a distinct click at play pin grounding and another click one second later . is it possible that the mode switched by itself ? how to know ,what mode i am in , what does the reset pin does ?

  • nice ! thank you .

  • basicaly , just take care that your driver intensity specs are respected (for example easy driver is a no-go) after that , dont care about the voltage , you can run them up to X3 to X(insert random high number) volts or more , they ll easily take 24v for example

  • yes you can use them, they are used in the shapeoko cnc ,

  • hi can someone confirm that the allen wrench that comes with the item is 1mm allen wrench ?

  • pic not satisfactory way not what is thought it would be one wasted order ! one !

    so is there a way to order one size up and female ? like the connector you should order for the grbl shield their shipping to EU is overpriced .

  • just a comment: so , yeah , i got one order of 2 of theses motors (quite some time ago), but strange thing , they re not identical !!!

    both have the exact same sticker and look the same , but on one of the motor , the hole on the back is smaller than the other one , and also , this motor is noisier than the other one , like it is quite audible ,and it is running on my nerves, but they re running exactly the same way .

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