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  • Is it possible to use this slider on two rails joined end to end? The longest channel is 24" and I need one axis of my xy platform a bit longer. It looks like the end of the channel have a small fillet and I'm worried that the slider would get caught on the lip.

  • Do these connectors correspond to M04SMD2 (1X04-1MM-RA), under M04 directory in the sparkfun eagle library?

  • Could someone explain what the "Rest point adjustment" does. Thank you.

  • Just had the usb port ripped off ANOTHER one of these. If you get one of these you have to be VERY gentle with the usb plug. Some glue might even be a good idea, Not enough solder holding in on.

  • Oups! I should have rtfm. Next silly question: When switching between different sensors, do I need to reread the calibration values for that particular sensor?

  • Is it possible to assign a new i2c address to this device? I would like to have six of these connected to the same arduino.