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  • 6 hours straight of captchas and nothing for the third year in a row... Maybe next year...

    I wonder how many books we digitized with this... haha

  • I guess I'm not going to school that day =P<br />
    Last year I wasn't able to get anything because I was in class...

  • I just got this iron with the 0.1mm tip. It works so much better than my old dual power radioshack iron. It only takes a few seconds to heat to 350C (which it defaults to when you turn it on.) It also makes a loud, short beep when it hits the desired temperature, which is nice, but can also be a little annoying. When you hold the temp adjust arrows, the screen flickers a little, but it's not a major issue. Also, for anyone wondering what that metal thing on the side of the iron holder is - it's for holding your tips. There are 6 slots in it.
    Overall, this is a great iron and definitely worth the price.

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