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  • I used port C on my 18F for the outputs to the Nokia lcd...
    // Matches Sparkfun Pinouts
    #define nok_cs PIN_C0 // 3-SCE
    #define nok_res PIN_C1 // 4-RST
    #define nok_dc PIN_C2 // 5-D/C
    #define nok_sda PIN_C3 // 6-DN(MOSI)
    #define nok_sclk PIN_C4 // 7-SCLK
    #define bk_sel PIN_C5 // 8-LED

  • C code...
    (your PIC specific includes)
    #include "nokia5110Driver.h" // download from post below
    void main(void)
    nokia_init(); // initialize nokia lcd
    nokia_gotoxy(8,0); // position in x, y
    printf(nokia_printchar," Hello World "); //refer to the nokia driver include for formatting

  • Has anyone created an eagle footprint for this? I'll be doing so when the order arrives. Basically just the outline with mounting holes and the 8 pin header.
    Cadsoft eagle library for Nokia 5110 - Nokia 5110 Eagle lbr
    Modified C Driver for Microchip PIC 16, 18 series with backlight control (for Sparkfun pinouts) - Nokia 5110 PIC C Driver
    Somebody should permanently host these files, any takers?

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