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  • Thanks for clearing that up. I just used a red LED I had lying around. No use getting a $0.25 part shipped from SFE. I soldered the headers up and it does fit in the breadboard. It is just awkward looking at it before soldering it, but it makes sense I suppose so that nothing is shorted when the supply is plugged in. One thing that worries me a little bit is that the 5V out is giving 5.14V on my multimeter. Looking at the schematic I can see that the 5V is straight from the USB cable. I guess I'll just have to be careful.

  • I ordered one of these. The kit came without the power LED. The GND holes for the 0.1" header pins are at a diagonal to the 5V and 3.3V header pin holes; so it's basically impossible to connect the two pairs of 0.1" headers to the board. Even if I broke them into 4 separate 0.1" headers and soldered them to the board individually, the breadboard would not accept the pins because they aren't spaced correctly. Not sure who dropped the ball on this one - well done.

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