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  • "Back in my day reflow soldering was a little more difficult, nothing replaces a strong arm and keen focus."

  • I had captchas in russian, greek, hebrew, and hindi. not to mention math functions. I like that sparkfun is giving back to the community, as many companies do. But most companies don't give money back too! 2010 was a mad house because of the novel publicity, this year it was much better (SF wasn't the #1 google search) and the servers were much better. But 10 seconds after it started they crashed and I was terrified when they got it back up and it said free day was over!

  • Thank you sparkfun. I never thought I would win but after 3 hours and several billion crazy captchas I got my promotion code. It was a thrill! :)

  • network timed out the entire time. I went to checkout and finally got a white page, no interface. most disappointing event of my life, good advertising for spark fun, four of the most popular Google searches, including #1. I'm sad.

  • okay thanks, I thought so. I have faith I can order before either the fun goes away, or if the new server cluster fails =/

  • can prepaid credit cards (from major companies like amex, visa, ect) be used? also, me and a friend share a prepaid card for online things and we both are planning to participate, can we both use it or does one of us need to buy their own?

  • can you use 3.3v on this board or does it only run on the full 5? if its only 5v why does it say 3.3 on the pic? I'm very new to this =)

  • fourth that. but doesn't it say that back ordered items are available on free day? maybe I am just imagining things.

  • I havent used these before, are they compatible with standard pin?

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