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  • Thanks to SparkFun for another great server load test. I hope you guys got loads of useful data regarding the weak points of your infrastructure. And thanks for the $50 from the quiz.
    I know that to a lot of visitors, it did seem a bit like a lottery, but that's what a DDOS is like (albeit self-inflicted) and that's really what this was primarily about.
    Just wondering, did you do a full site/load balancer restart at some point because a number of us saw your servers disappear altogether there for a few minutes?
    And what was the deal with the quiz early on when it was logging everyone out automatically every time we tried to access it?
    - j.

  • Pages did load.
    Not for everyone, but they did load for a lucky few. And that's what it was - luck. Not some conspiracy against you, or you, or you. Luck.
    You didn't lose any money, just some time (or possibly sleep) that you were prepared to waste anyway (or you wouldn't have kept pressing F5).
    If you are really serious about electronics and/or hardware hacking, just get back to working on your next project.
    If not, continue to complain about the massive injustice of it all.

  • until I realized it was telling me that people who were actually allowed to see the website got all the giveaways and there were none left for the rest of us
    You are making it sound like there was a predetermined lucky group and a 'rest of us' group. Membership of these groups was in fact a random decision based on the timing of your HTTPS request packets.
    It was obvious to anyone who actually thought about it that the servers were never going to cope with all the traffic and it would end up being a lucky dip.
    Just don't confuse the fact that you were among the unfortunate group (by random chance) with the fact that Sparkfun did something good for the community.
    When you buy a product at the supermarket with a "1 in 70 wins" competition attached, do you moan this much about the company when you don't win?

  • I accept that some people feel upset, but Sparkfun really didn't owe them anything. We all came into this knowing it was a lucky-dip. When I got up at 2:45am this morning to try my luck, I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. I didn't think my order would get through and I expected to be doing a lot of page refreshing. In the end, it took around 1 hour 40 minutes to place my order. When the success page returned, the current total was $99,987.50. That made me among the last 10 people to get through. Phew!
    Despite the comments on twitter and elsewhere, the servers were obviously not dead. With that many attempts for HTTP/S connections, the servers were never going to be snappy for everyone.
    Give Sparkfun a break - they did a good thing for over 1000 enthusiasts like you and I, and that can only benefit us all. Hopefully those who took advantage of the offer will 'pay it back' by documenting their projects online for everyone to benefit. I know I will.

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