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ARL 2017 Order

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Product Subtotal Qty
Black Chicken Head Knob - 14x20mm
Retired COM-10000
1.9 2   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Clear Plastic Knob
In stock COM-10597
2.85 3   
SparkFun Rotary Encoder Breakout - Illuminated (RG/RGB)
In stock BOB-11722
8.85 3   
Rotary Encoder - Illuminated (RGB)
Retired COM-10982
14.85 3   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Rotary Switch - 10 Position
In stock COM-13253
3.9 2   
SparkFun Rotary Switch Breakout
Out of stock BOB-13098
3.9 2   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
SparkFun RedBoard - Programmed with Arduino
In stock DEV-13975
39.9 2   
Arduino and Breadboard Holder
In stock DEV-11235
7.9 2   
SparkFun Logic Level Converter - Bi-Directional
In stock BOB-12009
11.8 4   
Relay SPDT Sealed
Out of stock COM-00100
5.85 3   
Blower - Squirrel Cage (12V)
In stock COM-11270
13 2   
Particle Photon (Headers)
Out of stock WRL-13774
76 4   
Relay Shield v2.0
Retired DEV-13769
23.9 2   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
SparkFun RGB and Gesture Sensor - APDS-9960
In stock SEN-12787
59.8 4   
SparkFun Photon ProtoShield
In stock DEV-13598
10 4   
Total: 284.4