Secret Magic Boat Doors

by ROB-24601

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Here's the parts list for Jacqueline and Jaime. If we are out of the Actobotics parts (the mechanical stuff), you can always find them over at Servo City, here [ ]. You may also want to add some PlastiDip [ ] to the wheel, zas the plastic may have a hard time gaining purchase on the stage floor. Have fun!

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Product Subtotal Qty
Motor Mount - B Style
Only 9 left! ROB-12400
9.98 2   
SparkFun Wireless Motor Driver Shield
28 available DEV-14285
21.95 1   
Set Screw Hub - 6mm Bore
Out of stock ROB-12318
9.98 2   
Heavy Duty Wheel - 4"
Out of stock ROB-12124
13.98 2   
Channel Bracket A
Out of stock ROB-12243
9.98 2   
SparkFun RedBoard - Programmed with Arduino
In stock DEV-13975
39.9 2   
Standard Gearmotor - 30 RPM (3-12V)
Only 11 left! ROB-12532
49.9 2   
Arduino Stackable Header Kit - R3
In stock PRT-11417
1.5 1   
SparkFun XBee Shield
In stock WRL-12847
15.95 1   
XBee 1mW Wire Antenna - Series 1 (802.15.4)
Retired WRL-08665
49.9 2   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Momentary Button - Panel Mount (Red)
In stock COM-11992
0.95 1   
Total: 223.97