Here is What Game for 30-Year-Old Dudes Looks Like

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Guys in their 30′s should be successful professionals and have lots of money. At least enough money to sustain a good lifestyle and a family (if you’re into the family thing). You’re either a working professional with a cool career or a small business owner, or both. Either way, you’re driven, ambitious, creative, and a badass.

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If you’re single, it’s by choice, and you can always get girlfriends even if you live in a small town in the middle of nowhere, you have options. It is preferred to live in an area where there are plenty of intelligent men and women…I recommend cities on coasts. You should not spend all your time running game in bars and clubs. That’s a hassle and you’re past all that. You do go out on special occasions, but the primary purpose of that should be the occasion itself. You did spend a good portion of your 20′s honing your game in bars and clubs and you have a solid skillset in social arts (ie pickup). You should be able to pick up hot chicks in a bar if you wanted to, but it’s old hat, like skateboarding because you learned how to do it when you were 10. When you’re 30, you use your social skills to network, build business connections, do deals, and create a baller social network with you in the center. You’re great in the sack and know exactly what sexual style and values you’re compatible with. You’ve slept with plenty of women. If you’re 30, I recommend a number approaching 30 (or more) although it’s fine if it’s less as long as you know what you’re doing.

Do NOT get into relationships with women whose sexual values conflict with yours. Dudes in their 30′s are relationship-minded, have girlfriends, and are generally monogamous. You do not spend the bulk of your social time picking up chicks. This is a big switch from guys in their 20′s. If you’re 35 and still picking up chicks and have never had a relationship longer than three months, then you’re royally fucking up. It’s time to graduate to big boy status. LTR’s are preferred for professional dudes our age. What’s great about being in your 30′s is you have a wide age range of chicks you can attract. All the way from 21-year-old hotties to sexy women in their 40′s. This is your prime and you can afford to be choosy. At our age, guys should maintain several large social circles that are filled with successful and intelligent men and women. This is your personal NETWORK.

It will include some close friends, a lot of colleagues and pals, and a few girlfriends or past girlfriends. You’ve probably spent a few years at least building this network up. This is a critical component and an area that I see most often neglected by clueless dudes. Having an excellent network is big boy game and it’s the reason you spent your 20′s figuring out attraction and fast seduction. You’re leveraging those basic skills to build a big boy network that explodes you through life. Part of this network is having a couple of groups of really cool dudes to hang out with who are also successful, fun, and socially adept. I have 2-3 of these at all times and I put major energy into maintaining these relationships. My measuring stick for a cool dude is the following: “Would I go into battle with that guy?” If the answer is yes, he’s in my cool male friend category. A couple of those guys should be BFF status. This is another critical piece, and something I see older guys especially are lacking. You cannot go through life without close male friends, even if you’re married and have kids.

If you don’t have a couple of male BFF’s that you can say you’d go into battle with, your masculine energy will drain away and your polarity will become neutral. Fix that immediately. If you’re traveling or going through a fuck-around period, for example right after a divorce, it’s cool to pickup chicks and generally be a jackass. In fact, I recommend it because it will reconnect you to your core. Once done, get back in the saddle and be normal. We play sports and take care of our bodies. We work out and project an aura of athleticism, masculinity, strength, and health. If you are obviously exuding those qualities, you are a warrior.

If you’re not a warrior, drop whatever you’re doing and get with the fucking program. You should be able to run a mile in the heat and then lift heavy shit for an hour. You should be able to hike over a mountain on a rescue mission if called to do so. All real men are tested in this way, often many times in their lives. Be prepared for these tests. You should be difficult to kill. And women love you because you are a warrior badass, not because of anything else. Those are basic qualifications for being a man.

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