Impromptu Date

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I bumped into an attractive single woman at the video store this past weekend. We chatted and flirted and I invited her over to watch a DVD. We sipped cocktails, started the movie, and before you knew it she was sleeping with me on the couch. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention – my kids were home. Say what?! I know, I know – I just wrote a post saying it’s a bad idea to hookup with a stranger when your kids are in the next room. Rest assured, I’m just being cheeky about this past weekend. It’s not as bad as it sounds. You see, my son was with me at the video store, and the single woman I bumped into was a friend of mine. She’s met my kids in multiple settings, and has been over to our house several times for dinner or just to hang out. When we saw each other at the video store, I invited her to join us for an impromptu movie night. (I love being able to show my son how to have healthy friendships with women. Just invite her over to hang out!) She was happy to join us, and left my son and me to pick out the movie. My son will soon turn 13, so of course he’d rather see R-rated movies rather than ones rated PG-13. And of course, I don’t let him. So while he played with the video store’s Guitar Hero setup, I looked for a movie we all could watch together. I picked Ghost, with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. “Have you seen this?” I asked my son. He glanced over from the Guitar Hero screen. “No,” he said. I texted my daughter. She hadn’t seen it either. Perfect. Once we were home, my son took a better look at the DVD packaging, and realized he’d watched the movie already with his mom. When my friend came over, she of course had seen it too. But it’s a great movie, and we all figured we’d watch it again with my daughter once she showed up (she was out palling around with friends.) I shook some Cosmos for my girl friend and me (I refuse to drink pink cocktails in a bar, so if a woman comes over and wants one, I’m totally game to shake a batch up. My Cosmopolitan recipe rocks.) My daughter came home and checked out the DVD cover. “Oh, I’ve seen this,” she said. “I didn’t realize this was the movie you were talking about.” Doh! Still, Ghost is entertaining. We made popcorn, and all four of us squeezed on the couch and started the film. Thirty minutes in, my friend was snoring away – she’d had a rough week at work, and my patented Cosmo cocktail relaxed her completely. By the end of the movie, she was awake again and totally fine to drive. We dried our tears (Ghost will do that to you), and she thanked us for a fun impromptu evening and headed home. My kids headed off for bed. Then I invited a stranger over to hook up… haha, just kidding. (Cheeky, Dads.)

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