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It is always convenient to have go-to restaurants serving equally delicious foods whether you eat them there or take them home. However, understanding which Montreal restaurants offer the greatest takeout becomes even more vital during a pandemic, when restaurant dining rooms fluctuate between open and closed. These nearby restaurants focus on food quality, making them ideal for eating at home (or at a park, or a friend's house, or in a car). Many of Montreal's most excellent coffee-serving restaurants, bars, and cafés have flipped into or upped their game as the best delivery and takeaway in the city. Thankfully, many of the city's top names for things like the finest pizza, greatest ramen, and more provide their customers take away or home delivery services. Try any of Montreal's top delivery and takeout restaurants if you want to shake things up. Many restaurants in Montreal make it simple for residents to take their favorite dishes home with them. Here's a list of restaurants that offer take-out or delivery.

Sushi Momo

Whether you are vegan or not, this famous plant-based restaurant serves delicious sushi. Plus, you will not have to worry about keeping your sushi fresh (it is meant to be served at room temperature), it will not deteriorate as quickly because it is not prepared with fish or meat, and the bite-sized pieces make it convenient to eat on the go.

Arthur's Nosh Bar

Arthur's Nosh Bar is a restaurant specializing in breakfast and lunch, and weekly brunch specials have been available at Montreal's top Jewish style nosh bar. So finally, we can all reminisce about McArthurs sandwiches or savour one of the city's best breakfasts. From Wednesday to Sunday, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m., you can order takeout or delivery through different food delivery services.

Dinette Triple Crown

Dinette is a summertime favorite for picnics in an area close to Parc de la Petite Italie, but its rich cuisine will be far more appealing in the winter. The Southern barbecue restaurant has a smaller menu to accommodate delivery, but do not worry: it still serves favorites like fried chicken and luscious mac and cheese on their takeout.

Restaurant Boustan

Boustan's Lebanese shawarma is outstanding. It is a grilled pita sandwich stuffed with pork, beef, or chicken and topped with beets, lettuce, eggplant, potatoes (yep, potatoes), peppers, and tomatoes, then drenched in your favorite sauce. Their garlic potatoes are equally as excellent as their shawarma and pitas. Boustan is available on all food-delivery apps and is open all hours of the day and night. So, if you are searching for 24-hour food delivery near me then Restaurant in Bouston will surely appear on your search results.

Le Roi du Smoked Meat

Some may baulk at the possibility of getting their smoked meat fix anywhere other than Schwartz's or Snowdon Deli. Still, Le Hubert's Roi du Smoked Meat is well-equipped to satisfy any late-night cravings, with its own shot on beef brisket on rye, as well as spaghetti à la Roi au gratin (i.e., topped with golden, melted cheese) and a decent Greek salad. Since before the pandemic, they have been open till midnight and have offered delivery.


Pichai is this time focusing on noodles, with a menu dubbed Sen! Sen! Sen! When Executive Chef Jesse Mulder says "noodles" three times in Thai, he means it: his version of Chiang Mai's khao soi gai is a thick coconut-based egg noodle soup with Muslim-Chinese roots. Kuay Tiaw tom yum moo, a pig broth with ground pork, in-house Moo Daeng red Chinese barbecue pork, and thin rice noodles, is served with roasted chili flakes, vinegar, and lime juice, is a vibrant blend of flavors and aromas.

La Banquise

Poutine is the speciality of La Banquise, which is perhaps the best in town. There are more than 30 options, including vegan poutine, boogaloo (pulled pork) poutine, and plain old standard poutine. There is an outside patio, a full breakfast buffet, and a selection of microbrews to choose from, and the kitchen is open 24 hours a day. On weekends, expect an extensive line. There is a children's menu and crayons to keep the little ones occupied. No matter when or where you eat it, everyone's favorite late-night poutine will please you.

Restaurant Thaïlande

This well-established Mile-End establishment's traditional decor and floor seating are undeniably appealing. Still, diners can enjoy its tum Kha (a galanga and coconut milk soup) and pad phed Talay (a seafood sauté) at home. It will tantalize your senses and make you crave more.

Ramen Nakamichi

Nakamichi's frozen ramen, which specializes in tori-paitan (white chicken broth), can be warmed up at any time of day — simply order from Friday to Monday for pick-up a few days later (their Instagram details how it works). These frozen pucks come in three flavors: standard, spicy, and vegetable. This Mile End eatery still allows for spontaneous ordering from the entire menu.

Junior Filipino

Junior is a good Filipino restaurant in Montreal, and it is on our list of fun and good places to eat. Junior is, in reality, the city's first Filipino eatery. Each meal has its own tale to tell in terms of cuisine: regular afternoon snacks, Sunday dishes, family entrees, and so on. There is nothing pretentious about it, and the dishes are delicious. On Sundays, the restaurant serves a full-fledged feast known as the Kamayan, making it the ideal time to try or learn more about their food.

Falafel Yoni

To Mile End from the Middle East! The goal behind Falafel Yoni is to bring the authentic and traditional flavors of Israeli falafel to St-Viateur street. Pitas, salads, and hummus dishes all feature falafels. A delectable Sabich sandwich (pita loaded with fried eggplant and hardboiled eggs; named after Sabich Tsvi Halabi, a Jewish man born in Iraq who founded the first sabich kiosk in Israel, a refreshing mint lemonade, and chocolate Tahini balls for dessert are also on the menu. The food is exceptionally delicious and fresh! Their outstanding falafels, which are crisp and light as well as soft and delectable, deserve a special mention. Yoni is quite reasonable, and it is currently on our list of places to eat lunch for less than $10 in the Mile-End.


In this city, you can enjoy a wide range of delicious cuisine. So, there you have it, a compiled list of eateries that serve delectable blends of different cuisines in Montreal, Canada. These restaurants also provide food delivery and takeout services for their customers.

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