RISC-V LF Course

by kuashio

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This is a list of parts used in the Microcontroller Applications with RISC-V course on edX, produced for the Linux Foundation and RISC-V International. For a detailed description, read: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KQpWirneqlThyn2AaMaDF25NmPPkjugq0UPtYuKQzAQ/edit

Please note: NO PURCHASE IS REQUIRED TO TAKE THE COURSE. This course may be successfully taken without following along with the hardware and software exercises.

Also note:

-Not all parts are needed to complete all exercises the course.

-Some parts are alternatives of other parts. For example, there are 3 options for the Red-V Thing Plus headers.

-You are not required to purchase any parts from SparkFun.

-You are welcome to use your own replacement parts.

-For a full description of this list, you may take the course for free at edX.

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Product Subtotal Qty
SparkFun 16x2 SerLCD - RGB Backlight (Qwiic)
In stock LCD-16396
21.95 1   
SparkFun 6 Degrees of Freedom Breakout - LSM6DSO (Qwiic)
In stock SEN-18020
12.95 1   
USB 3.1 Cable A to C - 3 Foot
In stock CAB-14743
5.5 1   
SparkFun Hydra Power Cable - 6ft
In stock CAB-11579
You save:
3 (55%)
USB Wall Charger - 5V, 2A
16 available TOL-16893
6.5 1   
Servo - Generic (Sub-Micro Size)
Out of stock ROB-09065
9.95 1   
LED - Assorted (20 pack)
In stock COM-12062
3.95 1   
Resistor 100 Ohm 1/4 Watt PTH - 20 pack (Thick Leads)
In stock PRT-14493
1.25 1   
Mini Pushbutton Switch
In stock COM-00097
0.9 2   
Jumper Wires - Connected 6" (M/F, 20 pack)
In stock PRT-12794
2.1 1   
Breadboard - Translucent Self-Adhesive (Red)
In stock PRT-11317
5.5 1   
Flexible Qwiic Cable - 100mm
In stock PRT-17259
1.6 1   
SparkFun 16x2 SerLCD - RGB Text (Qwiic)
Out of stock LCD-16397
21.5 1   
SparkFun RED-V Thing Plus - SiFive RISC-V FE310 SoC
Out of stock DEV-15799
32.5 1   
Feather Stackable Header Kit
In stock PRT-15187
1.75 1   
Jumper Wires Premium 4" M/M - 26 AWG (30 Pack)
In stock PRT-14284
2.75 1   
Female Header Pack
In stock PRT-11269
2.25 1   
Break Away Headers - Straight
In stock PRT-00116
1.75 1   
Total: 137.15