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Product Quantity Subtotal
Beaglebone Black - Rev C
Out of stock DEV-12857
1 54.95
Bluetooth USB Module Mini
17 available WRL-09434
1 10.95
Arduino Uno - R3
In stock DEV-11021
1 29.95
RedBoard - Programmed with Arduino
Out of stock DEV-11575
1 24.95
Breadboard - Giant
In stock PRT-12614
1 19.95
Tiny AVR Programmer
23 available PGM-11801
1 19.95
9 Degrees of Freedom - MPU-9150 Breakout
In stock SEN-11486
1 34.95
Arduino Due
In stock DEV-11589
1 49.95
Arduino and Breadboard Holder
In stock DEV-11235
1 3.95
Arduino Wi-Fi Shield
In stock DEV-11287
1 84.95
SparkFun Cerberus USB Cable - 6ft
In stock CAB-12016
1 5.95
RFID Starter Kit - Retail
In stock RTL-11839
1 49.95
Total: 390.4