Advanced Sensors

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Sensors that may be of interest to higher level labs.

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Product Subtotal Qty
Color Detector Sensor
Out of stock SEN-11195
49.95 1   
Data Logger - Atlas Scientific ENV-32X
Retired SEN-11196
39.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Dissolved Oxygen Kit
Only 11 left! SEN-11194
249.95 1   
Electrical Conductivity Kit
Retired SEN-11193
149.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Carbon Monoxide Sensor - MQ-7
In stock SEN-09403
7.25 1   
SparkFun 9 Degrees of Freedom - Sensor Stick
In stock SEN-10724
49.95 1   
Fingerprint Scanner - 5V TTL
Retired SEN-11651
39.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
FlyCamOne eco V2
Retired SEN-11171
39.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Gas Sensor Breakout Board
In stock BOB-08891
0.95 1   
SparkFun Geiger Counter
Only 2 left! SEN-11345
149.95 1   
SparkFun Humidity and Temperature Sensor Breakout - SHT15
15 available SEN-08257
41.95 1   
HackHD - 1080p Camera Module
Out of stock SEN-11418
159.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Hydrogen Gas Sensor - MQ-8
Out of stock SEN-10916
7.95 1   
LinkSprite JPEG Color Camera TTL Interface - Infrared
In stock SEN-11610
49.95 1   
Liquid Level Sensor - 8"
In stock SEN-10221
39.95 1   
Load Sensor - 50kg
In stock SEN-10245
9.95 1   
LPG Gas Sensor - MQ-6
In stock SEN-09405
4.95 1   
Methane CNG Gas Sensor - MQ-4
In stock SEN-09404
4.95 1   
MagnetoPot: Liquid Level Contactless Sensor
Retired SEN-09072
23.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
pH Sensor Kit
In stock SEN-10972
129.95 1   
Optical Dust Sensor - GP2Y1010AU0F
In stock COM-09689
11.95 1   
Polar Heart Rate Monitor Interface
In stock SEN-08661
59.95 1   
Pulse Sensor
In stock SEN-11574
24.95 1   
Touch Shield
Retired DEV-10508
14.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Total: 1363.1