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Foos-Ball Upgrade

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Product Subtotal Qty
Toggle Switch and Cover - Illuminated (White)
Retired COM-11314
2.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Toggle Switch and Cover - Illuminated (Red)
In stock COM-11310
2.95 1   
Toggle Switch and Cover - Illuminated (Orange)
Retired COM-11312
2.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
LED Light Bar - Red
Retired COM-09029
5.9 2   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Female Headers
In stock PRT-00115
3 2   
Coin Acceptor - Programmable (3 coin types)
In stock COM-11719
19.95 1   
Speaker - 0.5W (8 ohm)
In stock COM-09151
3.9 2   
Mini Speaker - PC Mount 12mm 2.048kHz
24 available COM-07950
1.95 1   
ATX Power Supply Connector - Straight
In stock PRT-09497
1.5 1   
Speaker Terminal - 4 Spring
In stock COM-11145
0.75 1   
Shift Register 8-Bit High-Power - TPIC6B595
In stock COM-00734
13.5 6   
7-Segment Display - 6.5" (Red)
In stock COM-08530
59.8 4   
SparkFun FTDI Basic Breakout - 5V
In stock DEV-09716
14.95 1   
Hook-Up Wire - Assortment (Stranded, 22 AWG)
In stock PRT-11375
16.95 1   
RJ45 8-Pin Connector
In stock PRT-00643
6 4   
SparkFun Photo Interrupter Breakout Board - GP1A57HRJ00F
In stock BOB-09322
3 2   
Photo Interrupter - GP1A57HRJ00F
In stock SEN-09299
3.9 2   
Momentary Button - Small Red Panel Mount
Retired COM-09807
0.5 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
LED Tactile Button - Orange
In stock COM-10441
5.85 3   
LED Tactile Button - Red
In stock COM-10442
5.85 3   
LED Tactile Button- White
In stock COM-10439
5.85 3   
Break Away Headers - Straight
In stock PRT-00116
3 2   
SparkFun Beefcake Relay Control Kit (Ver. 1.6)
Retired KIT-11042
15.9 2   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 5V/16MHz
Out of stock DEV-11113
9.95 1   
Total: 210.8

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