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Tiny blinky thing

by Cryocrat

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Basically I don’t like how the Lectro Candle Kit is designed and I’m redesigning it. Leaving out a few minor parts on the wishlist that I already have, resistors, capacitors, etc. Also I plan to power it from a 9 volt battery, the reason being is I want to control it through TTL serial using Virtuabotix’s bluetooth to serial slave. So I can control the color/pattern from my phone via a bluetooth serial terminal.

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Product Subtotal Qty
AVR 8 Pin 20MHz 8K 4A/D - ATtiny85
In stock COM-09378
2.84 1   
LED - RGB Clear Common Anode
In stock COM-10820
5.85 3   
Voltage Regulator - 5V
In stock COM-00107
0.95 1   
DC Barrel Jack Adapter - Breadboard Compatible
In stock PRT-10811
0.95 1   
Crystal 16MHz
In stock COM-00536
0.95 1   
Capacitor Ceramic 22pF
In stock COM-08571
0.5 2   
SparkFun RGB LED Breakout - WS2812
Retired BOB-11820
2.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Total: 14.99

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