Fun items to add onto an SIK based class

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Here are some basic items you can add onto a SparkFun Inventor’s Kit based class. You can reach much further once you understand more than just Serial Communication basics, (think GPS, wireless, etc…) but this is a good place to start when ordering extras to have on standby for your students to play with once they understand the basics.

Bear in mind that you will need to order the correct number of Arduino Stackable Header kits to correspond to the number of shields you buy.

Also- remember that you don’t necessarily need to have experience with each of these items, just the ability to point students in the direction of knowledge cough, RTFM, cough and the patience to help them troubleshoot. A lot of times you will find that encouraging students to share their knowledge will not only ease your workload as an educator, but it can also help with classroom management.

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Product Subtotal Qty
Arduino Stackable Header Kit
In stock PRT-10007
1.5 1   
Pan/Tilt Bracket
In stock ROB-10335
5.95 1   
Robotic Claw - MKII
Retired ROB-11524
11.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
12V Solenoid Valve - 3/4"
In stock ROB-10456
7.95 1   
Liquid Pump - 350GPH (12v)
In stock ROB-10455
14.95 1   
Vacuum Pump - 12V
In stock ROB-10398
14.95 1   
Robotic Claw Pan/Tilt Bracket - MKII
Retired ROB-11674
29.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
RedBot Kit
Retired ROB-11988
74.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
XBee Shield
Retired WRL-10854
24.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Mux Shield II
In stock DEV-11723
24.95 1   
SparkFun Music Instrument Shield
18 available DEV-10587
29.95 1   
SparkFun MIDI Shield
Retired DEV-09595
19.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
SparkFun Joystick Shield Kit
In stock DEV-09760
12.95 1   
Rotary Encoder - Illuminated (RGB)
Out of stock COM-10982
3.95 1   
LilyPad MP3
Only 11 left! DEV-11013
49.95 1   
MP3 Trigger
Retired WIG-11029
49.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
SparkFun Ardumoto - Motor Driver Shield
Out of stock DEV-09815
24.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Total: 403.7

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