Pico Pack by LC

This is the hardware we use in our Elementary National Tour workshops. You can use it to teach really young kids the basics of programming and sensors in conjunction with Scratch from MIT. Just plug the PicoBoard in and start programming away. The extra sensors are intended to be attached to the analog inputs on the PicoBoard using the jumper wires. Bear in mind that this is not a permanent connection and you will have a difficult time keeping the connection to the sensors if you move things around too much. This is because you and the kids are truly prototyping. If you have a permanent setting you wished to embed the sensors in then feel free to use glue, tape, buy a breadboard, etc.

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Product Quantity Subtotal
In stock WIG-10311
20 40.46 ea.
Jumper Wires Premium 6" M/F Pack of 100
In stock PRT-09139
1 24.95
Force Sensitive Resistor - Square
In stock SEN-09376
20 7.16 ea.
Flex Sensor 2.2"
In stock SEN-10264
20 7.16 ea.
Rotary Potentiometer - Linear (10k ohm)
In stock COM-09288
20 0.86 ea.
SparkFun USB Mini-B Cable - 6 Foot
In stock CAB-11301
20 3.56 ea.
Total: 1208.95