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Bluetooth Rotary Phone

by GRMrGecko

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Things I bought to make my Bluetooth Rotary Phone. I am blogging about my experience at Google+.

Additional purchases from other sites:

Speaker and Amplifier from AdaFruit: Speaker - 3" Diameter - 4 Ohm 3 Watt and Stereo 2.8W Class D Audio Amplifier - TS2012


You may go with 1 USB cable, I just added two just in-case I needed to charge as well as hook up to the FTDI board.

It might be a good idea to get a USB power brick, I have one from my old cell phone.

Gone with 2 packs of 10 jumper wires. I know I will be likely stripping one end of at least 4 wires to allow more than one cable to the power supply (we need both gnd/vcc to connect to both the arduino and the bluetooth board... Maybe eventually the high voltage board for the bells if I ever find out how to do that.

A few of these items you may be able to get cheaper elsewhere. I recommend looking and if you find something cheaper, why not go for it? An example is the Jumper Wires, sorry sparkfun, I bought these which is cheaper than 20 jumper wires here. I get 120 and mixed.

You only need the 100 ohm resistor, but buying a kit of resistors is useful.

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Product Subtotal Qty
SparkFun Audio Bluetooth Breakout - RN-52
Retired WRL-11777
39.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 3.3V/8MHz
In stock DEV-11114
9.95 1   
SparkFun FTDI Basic Breakout - 3.3V
In stock DEV-09873
15.5 1   
Lithium Ion Battery - 2000mAh
Retired PRT-08483
12.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
SparkFun Power Cell - LiPo Charger/Booster
Retired PRT-11231
19.95 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Break Away Headers - Straight
In stock PRT-00116
3 2   
Rocker Switch - Medium
Retired COM-10727
0.5 1   
Cannot be ordered at this time.
Breadboard - Mini Modular (Black)
In stock PRT-12047
3.95 1   
USB micro-B Cable - 6 Foot
In stock CAB-10215
4.95 1   
Jumper Wires Premium 6" F/F Pack of 10
In stock PRT-08430
3.95 1   
SparkFun USB Mini-B Cable - 6 Foot
In stock CAB-11301
3.95 1   
Rotary Potentiometer - 10k Ohm, Linear
In stock COM-09939
0.95 1   
Resistor Kit - 1/4W (500 total)
In stock COM-10969
7.95 1   
Jumper Wires Premium 6" M/F Pack of 10
In stock PRT-09140
3.95 1   
Jumper Wires Premium 6" M/M Pack of 10
In stock PRT-08431
3.95 1   
Electrolytic Decoupling Capacitors - 10uF/25V
In stock COM-00523
0.45 1   
Total: 135.85