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New Product Friday: MOAR POWER!

Batteries, a new sensor, prototyping tools? What's not to love about this week's new products?!

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Hello loyal SparkFun readers. It's Friday, so that means we've got new products to talk about. We don't have quite as many products as we did last week, but we've still got some cool stuff.



Vimeo version can be found here.

That plastic ball has seen better days. Thankfully, none of the electronics broke, so you'll probably see them end up in a future project. I'm really impressed with the altitude sensor, it's really easy to use and provides pretty accurate results. Check one out if you need easy altitude readings.

alt text

Need some portable power for your next project? We have 3 new battery packs with built-in chargers this week. We have them in a 1000mAh, 2000mAh, and a big 6600mAh. They have a micro-B connector for charging and a standard USB A connector for plugging into your device. The two smaller ones output 700mA of current with a single ouput, and the bigger one has 2 outputs, one at 1A and the othe at 2A. Use them for your tablet, phone, camera, or anything that can charge or operate from a USB jack. Or, crack it open and embed it in your next project.

alt text

Need a solid case to mount your Arduino? The Tux Case is milled from a solid block of aluminum and has a nice laser-cut top. The case gives you access to the shield headers as well as the reset button and the ICSP header.

alt text

If you're running out of pins on your microcontroller, check out the SX1509 16 Output I/O Expander Breakout. It uses an I2C interface to give you 16 channels of GPIO. This handy device also contains a fully programmable LED driver and a keypad scanning engine which enables continuous keypad monitoring of up to 64 keys!

alt text

Looking to use some shields, but aren't quite ready to solder in headers? The Pogobed Kit allows you to build a pogobed, just like what we use in production, to attach shields to your Arduino without soldering. Just attach your Arduino on the underneath side, and place your shield on top of the spring-loaded pins, and you're ready to start prototyping.

alt text

Measuring altitude can be tricky. Thankfully, the MPL3115A2 Altitude Breakout makes it easy! This altutide sensor has a simple I2C interface that can easily measure altitude within 30cm. It even has a temperature sensor. And you get all this in a board that's about the size of a quarter!

alt text

The Mono Amp Breakout is great for embedded audio applications. You get about 1.4 watts of audio power in a board the size of a quarter. This makes audio applications a LOT easier. And speaking of easy, it now comes in retail packaging.

alt text

Need to do some data-logging? If you've never used the OpenLog, it might be a good time to pick one up. It's the easiest way to log serial data. Give it some power, and connect a serial line, and it starts logging, that's all there is to it. By having a simple config.txt file on the microSD card, you can configure the baud rate, mode, and more. I've used one several times in GPS logging projects and it's a handy device to have around.

Well, that's all I have for this week. I'll be back again next week with more new products, see you then!

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  • Dunno - I kinda liked the old sitting-laid-back-behind-a-desk-in-a-tee-format better. This clean-shirt-preppy thing is starting to look too serious. Soon there will be a clean shave too, mark my words! :s

    • Another vote for the old format. The soldering station, tools, and other stuff seem more casual - more like the the environment your customers sit behind (except your's is way cleaner).

      The new format seems more like you're a sales or marketing guy, not a hip hobbyist/maker/hacker. It also sorta reminds me of the people standing behind tables at Costco giving out free samples ;-)

    • noted. I actually liked sitting down too! I wanted a couch and coffee table!

    • I prefer the old format, just because standing up, Robert looks down a lot, and there's not much eye contact with the camera.

    • haha so true :-)

    • I don't know if this is a vote for the old format, but the camera angle on the new format needs some "tweaking". The entire top half of the frame is nothing but red boxes and wasted space. It looks like a common novice photographer mistake called a bulls-eye shot (where the subjects head is dead center in the frame).

      Also, one of the red boxes looks a little crooked :)

      • Novice photographer here. The new format is entirely a result of me getting bored and trying new things. I thought it would be fun to see Rob stand for a few weeks. If the people want to see him slouch, we'll go back to the chair. Rob's wardrobe choices are all his own, whether it be preppy button ups or tees. As for the framing, we shoot these videos very quickly, and a stand in for Rob isn't in the budget yet. Next time I'll remember he's not 7 feet tall.

    • I don't know. Robert's friend has an overseas cap under his belt (I can’t say what they call them in the military because this is a family friendly web site). Next thing we might see them in Army Camos or Dress Greens!?!

  • I like these battery chargers.Although they looks small but has huge functionalities.

    phone systems new york

  • Speaking of power... I like your power adapter kits for PC supplies, but lately I've been needing some powered USB ports... just for the power, nothing else... like for Digistamps, Raspberry Pi, and other USB Powered devices.

    How about a kit that provides a number of USB sockets in a hub like setup. maybe with some octopus cables? Give it a beefy 5A or better supply so it can easily handle an RPi and bunch of other devices.

  • could you share some hi res photos of disassembled portable battery chargers? Thanks

  • On the Tux Case, to fit the shields inside without meeting the criteria set forth in the video Spacers could be made and added as needed or of different sizes so that the entire set-up can be enclosed.

    Mod the case with a couple of extra holes right next to where the acrylic top now fastens so that the spacers could be also secured with screws or shoulder bolts if needed.

    My 2¢

  • Just like golf, hours of televised sky :)

  • The link to the tuxcase is broken, I get a page saying "no such produkt" (your spelling!) "product not found". ATTENTION WEB MASTER!

  • Just to note, as tablets were mentioned in the video - make sure you check your tablet's current demands before you buy a portable battery. Odds are that the two smaller ones featured in this video will not provide enough juice or only be able to charge very slowly ... with the tablet in standby/off. iPad, iPad 2 and 'The New iPad not known as iPad 3, nosiree' are examples of tablets that prefer a lot more current.

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