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Hardware Hump Day: Fourth of July Project Roundup

Check out these clever Independence Day projects!

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Tuesday is the Fourth of July — i.e., the official start of summer fun! We here at SparkFun are just jazzed about the warm weather, long days and many delicious BBQs ahead of us. In honor of July Fourth, we have rounded up a handful of our favorite patriotic projects from across the internet for your perusing pleasure.

USA Flag Made With Diffused LED

Make your very own American flag entirely out of LEDs! So fun and dazzling. Guaranteed to at least impress your uncle, and maybe a small child.

Unveiling it to your friends and family will be all like:

Colbert gif

Arduino Fireworks Controller

That's right. You can control your fireworks display with this awesome project. They did a great job with the enclosure too, so, brownie points!

fireworks controller

Smart Smoker for a Better Barbecue

This project is for all the BBQ enthusiasts out there. Make one and let us know if it made for better-tasting meat!

smart smoker

smart smoker 2

Ron Swanson would approve.


EZ–EL Wire July Fourth Hat

This is a great one to do with the kids — simple, clean, easy…and no risk of starting a fire or blowing something up!

ez-el hat (

Make sure to master this dance move before revealing the awesome hat you made:

Colbert 2

USA–USB: American Flag Memorial

Find the true meaning of what it means to own a PC (Patriotic Computer) with this USB-powered flag.

USB flag

USB flag

Now every time you power up your computer, you'll swell with American pride, like so:


A very happy Fourth of July to you and yours! Tell us which project is your favorite, and let us know about patriotic projects that you have made in the comments below!

Until next time…


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