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In the last month we've done some cool demos of products - let's take a look back!

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Most Fridays in our traditional New Product Posts, we try to do a fun demo for our favorite new item. Sometimes it can be hard to look at a board or tool and know exactly what it could be used for without a demo, and sometimes we come out with something we think is so cool we can’t help ourselves. Either way, a project we’ve worked on can sometimes get buried in the overwhelming glory of the full Friday post, so we’ve pulled a few of our favorites from the past month in case you missed them - check ‘em out!

The Speed Trap - featuring the Large Digit Driver

The SparkFun WAV Trigger

The Ardumoto Shield Kit

Got any suggestions for a project we could build with one of your favorite SparkFun products? Drop some idea bombs on us in the comments!

It's Independence Day weekend but, never fear, new products are still abound!

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A few pictures and videos from creating the aluminum skulls for my arcade cabinet build.

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It's time for another visit with everyone's favorite Director of Engineering!

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