Custom Kitting Service

Create the exact kit you need! You can specify the components you require, or we can work closely with you to define the necessary parts and develop a tailored experience based on your unique project. Once your kits are ready, we will either ship them to you or build a custom web page where your students/customers can purchase them directly from us.

Who Needs Kitting Services?

  • Educators & Professors who want a kit to match their exact curriculum needs - alleviates the need to assemble and store the kits and provides the option for students to purchase kits directly from SparkFun
  • Companies that need specific kits for workshops, demos, sales tools, and specific use cases
  • Orgs and companies that want a custom-branded kit to deliver STEM camps, courses, and workshops

Why Use a Kitting Service?

  • Ease of Assembly: We purchase parts and assemble the kits for you
  • Ease of Fulfillment: As an option, we can inventory the kits, accept online orders from students/customers, and ship kits globally (we can also just ship a bulk shipment to you)
  • Custom Branding: As needed, we can publish a custom-branded web page where your students/customers can purchase the kit

Need a custom kit?

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