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SparkFun Employees

Join Our Team!

Since 2003, SparkFun has been helping turn ideas into reality – whether you’re creating a smart weather station, exploring the frontier of machine learning, building a robot for school or prototyping your first (or tenth) product.

No matter your vision or skill level, our open source components, resources and online tutorials are designed to broaden access to innovative technology and make the road to a finished project shorter.

How do we do it?

  1. Get emerging tech into the hands of the masses - the more people using it, the more brilliant ideas rise to the surface
  2. Design and manufacture dev boards and ecosystems that support rapid prototyping and save major time
  3. Develop stellar documentation for the products we produce - from tutorials, to sample code, to videos...our GitHub repository is second to none
Why Work at SparkFun?
SparkFun Culture

Become Part of an Amazing Culture

We take a holistic view of every person at SparkFun - we are humans not just employees

More about our culture
SparkFun Innovation

Support Global Innovation

Our products are used around the world to fuel cutting-edge research and development (we’re even on Mars!)

More about our innovation
SparkFun Benefits

Take Advantage of Top Benefits

We do our best to provide benefits to enhance life outside of SparkFun

More about our benefits
Our Teams

Every person at SparkFun impacts the strategy and our ability to be successful. It’s really not quite this simple, but...

SparkFun team flow

Just some of the benefits and perks we provide*:

  • Matching 401k Program
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • SparkFun contribution to insurance
  • Life & Disability insurance
  • Paid time and/or flexible time off
  • New-hire tour with the founder
  • Flexible schedules
  • Fun employee gatherings - barbecues, summer party, anniversary party...
  • Dogs - yes, we bring dogs to work
  • Full gym with climbing wall
  • EcoPass
  • $250 continuing education stipend
  • Choose: monthly gym stipend or onsite massage or onsite yoga
  • Possibility to create and share content with the SparkFun community
  • Paid time to volunteer
  • Employee discount

*Details and final Benefits and Perks Summary to be shared during the application process

Our Values
People First

People First

Our people are the driving force that keep the lights turned on, and we value each other as a team and family, not just as individuals. We’re committed to supporting the personal and professional growth for our employees however we can.

SparkFun accountability


It’s important to us that everyone at SparkFun knows what we’re working toward – that means regular updates on company goals, progress, and how each person fits into the plan. We trust ourselves and each other to take responsibility for our contribution, while allowing for inevitable shortfalls and course-correction.

SparkFun respect


We do our daily best to live by the Golden Rule, which means treating everyone we encounter with empathy and kindness. This practice, to us, extends naturally to our environment, and we do our part to respect our excellent planet with comprehensive sustainability, solar power and waste recycling programs.

SparkFun Transparency


SparkFun has a long, proud history of sharing as much as possible about what goes on behind our walls. We believe in honest and direct feedback, and have an open door policy – we encourage equal and respectful discussion and questions, regardless of title, at any time.

SparkFun innovation

Quality & Innovation

At SparkFun we have both the privilege and obligation to create cool s**t. We facilitate creative freedom for all employees, make and test products in house, and are always considering ways to make products and processes better. After all, if you’re going to do something, do it well.

Our Culture

It’s in our name - we’re here to have fun. In addition to the thrill we get from playing with electronics every day, we also bring our dogs to work, gather around the office kegs at the end of the day, enjoy the incredible Colorado summers together at Friday BBQs and take turns scaling the climbing wall in our gym. It’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

SparkFun Culture photos
By the numbers
SparkFun team flow
A Tour of Our Headquarters in Boulder
Building Photos
A History of Innovation

For nearly 20 years, SparkFun has been based on a voracious curiosity about new technology, a dedication to solving technical problems, and a commitment to making technology as easy as possible to use.

From research, to ideation, to design, to production our engineering team innovates quickly, releases original SparkFun products nearly every week, and carefully selects resell products. These tools have been embraced by hobbyists, prototypers, R&D Teams, all over the world (and even on Mars!).

Here's just a few of our top selling original products

SparkFun GPS-RTK2 Board - ZED-F9P (Qwiic)

SparkFun GPS-RTK2 Board - ZED-F9P (Qwiic)

SparkFun Simultaneous RFID Reader - M6E Nano

SparkFun Simultaneous RFID Reader - M6E Nano

SparkFun OpenLog Artemis

SparkFun OpenLog Artemis

SparkFun Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Sensor - MAX30101 & MAX32664 (Qwiic)

SparkFun Pulse Oximeter and Heart Rate Sensor - MAX30101 & MAX32664 (Qwiic)

SparkFun Qwiic Pro Micro - USB-C (ATmega32U4)

SparkFun Qwiic Pro Micro - USB-C (ATmega32U4)

SparkFun RedBoard Qwiic

SparkFun RedBoard Qwiic

Garmin LIDAR-Lite v4 LED - Distance Measurement Sensor (Qwiic)

Garmin LIDAR-Lite v4 LED - Distance Measurement Sensor (Qwiic)

SparkFun LoRa Thing Plus - expLoRaBLE

SparkFun LoRa Thing Plus - expLoRaBLE