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Value-Added Services

SparkFun’s value-added services leverage our expertise and capabilities to help you achieve more. From board design and custom procurement, to shipping and training, we’re here to help. To learn more or get started today, please fill out the form below.

Development Services

Development Board Design

Development Board Design & Manufacturing

Turn your sensors, ICs, modules and components into easy-to-use breakout boards. Our engineers will finesse your product, helping you achieve market share faster. SparkFun’s development boards streamline your customers’ ability to integrate your tech into their prototypes.

Development Board Design

Custom Assembly

Does one of our existing original boards almost meet your needs, but isn’t a perfect fit? Do you wish it had a specific connector, a pigtail, or certain pins populated with a header? We can modify existing boards to add or remove components to fit your needs, creating the ideal board for you.

Development Board Design

Sales/Demo Kit Development

Let us help you harness the power of your technology by turning it into an easy-to-use demo product that customers can play with. Empower your sales team to show, not just tell, the power and functionality of your products.

Development Board Design

Custom Kit

With our Custom Kit program, you can create the exact kit you need. Tell us the components you need, or we can collaborate with you to define parts needed and develop a customer experience based on your idea. Once the kit is ready, we will either ship it to you or build a custom web page where your customers can purchase it directly from us.

Point and click your way to a fully-populated, custom board.

Choose from more than 100 controllers, components, and connectors to populate an electronically sound, assembled PCB suited to fit your needs.

A la Carte custom board design

Logistic Services

Development Board Design

Tape and Reel

Get the exact number of components you need, and start feeding them into your assembly equipment right away. Depending on your needs, we can either cut a length of tape from a larger reel or have custom components put into tape and reel format for you.

Development Board Design

Custom Procurement

If you’ve designed a product and need help sourcing some of the components in bulk, let us save you time. Utilizing our network of suppliers, we can find the parts you need in quantities that make sense, allowing you to focus on the design.

Development Board Design

Strategic Inventory Management

We can hold and ship limited amounts of inventory for you. Whether you’re looking to schedule shipments of large purchases over time or simply don’t have the warehouse space, we’re here to help.

Development Board Design

Multi-Address Shipping

Rather than taking on the logistics of shipping to multiple addresses, just provide us the addresses and quantities for each location and we will take care of the rest.

Training Services

Development Board Design

Workshops & Training

When it comes to introducing new technology to your team, the fastest way to get them on board is with hands-on training. We will work with you to create professional development, workshops and training to fit your needs, with topics and agendas built around your goals.

Looking to take advantage of our Value Added Services?

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