Value-Added Services

SparkFun’s value-added services leverage our expertise and capabilities to help you achieve more. From custom kit creation to SparkFun board modifications, we’re here to help. Our services can be mixed and matched to create the perfect solution for your needs. To learn more or get started today, please fill out the form below.

Development Board Design

Custom Kit Development

Create the exact kit you need. Tell us the components you need, or we can collaborate with you to define parts needed and develop a customer experience based on your idea. Once the kit is ready, we will either ship it to you or build a custom web page where your customers can purchase it directly from us.

SparkFun Board Modification

Does one of our existing original boards almost meet your needs, but isn’t a perfect fit? Do you wish it had a specific connector, a pigtail, certain pins populated with a header or a different sensor? We can modify existing boards to add or remove components to fit your needs, creating the ideal board for you.

Development Board Design
Development Board Design

Manufacturing of Your Existing Designs

Bring your design to life. If you have a ready to assemble Eagle design file, but need help on the manufacturing side, this offering is for you. Utilize our warehouse, supplier connections and manufacturing expertise to produce your board and skip the headache of doing it all yourself.

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