New Space, New Stuff

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SparkFun is growing! We are moving to a larger space in the middle of July. We will be shut down July 13th through the 16th to get moved. We can't wait to settle into the new, much larger facility!

We have three new breakout boards for the MLX90609! These high precision, low drift digital gyros are now available with an easy to use 0.1" connection.

A stepper motor driver! The EasyDriver v3 was designed by Brian Schmalz to be as easy as possible to control stepper motors. He has done a great job!

A few new items as well! Due to the demand for parts from the Beginning Embedded Lectures, we'd added some loose through hole components: 10k Resistors, 330 Ohm Resistors, and 0.1uF Capacitors. All are chosen for their easy of use and small size. On top of that, we've created a few 'kits' of parts to match up with the lectures. The Microcontroller kit, Power Supply kit, and RS232 kit all add various small parts to your cart to go along with the lectures.

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