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Geek Week at SparkFun

The idea to join in a YouTube event accidentally becomes our new favorite series.

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August 4-10 is Geek Week on YouTube. All week, they're hosting video content celebrating all things geeky, with a different theme every day. As bona fide geeks, when we caught wind of Geek Week we decided to join in. We thought it would be cool to make some videos on a few resident SparkFunions and what they geek out about.



Dave Stillman in IT talks about his weather balloon projects



Evan Spitler from Tech Support discusses a lifelong passion for robotics



Dean Diamond in Purchasing shows us how he makes handmade drums

We wouldn't be here if we weren't all passionate about electronics, but it turns out a lot of the folks at SparkFun have widely varied interests that go beyond microcontrollers and LEDs. We ended up loving the insight into our coworkers' passions so much that we're hoping to extend the project and turn it into a more regular feature. What do you guys think?

Happy Geek Week!

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  • Awesome videos!!! Sparkfun has taught me almost everything I know about electronics and much more through videos like these, I'd love to see more!

  • These videos are impressive. You have a lot of in-house talent at SparkFun, and they're a passionate bunch, too. It would be great to see more videos like these. Thanks for sharing your interests with us!

  • This is a great idea! Learning from other's often inspires new ideas. It's the reason why I check your blog post almost every day.

  • You need to start selling goggles like Evan's, I'll need these in a post-apocalypse scenario like Mad Max.

    • We probably won't be selling goggles any time soon, but you can find them online for fairly cheap (especially in bulk); just look for #5 welding goggles. Stay tuned for a tutorial on how I modified mine. Here are the parts I used.

  • I think these are great!

  • We need more of these. Can we keep doing these after geek week stops?

  • Thanks great info ill take the ham Tech License so we can start making one and start ballooning here in Temecula Calif
    It look so much fun ! Thanks for posting this

  • Weather balloon is so cool do you have a site that gives more details about the on board computer and Radios ?

    Very cool

    • I don't for that specific computer, but you can see a write-up on this blog from when it flew inside of a SparkFun red box! I might try to find some time in the next few weeks to finish an HAB FAQ I've been mulling over for some number of months.

      The flight computer is basically a homebrew Trackuino based on a Pro Mini, as well as an 70cm NTX2 radio module for auxiliary telemetry and logging.

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