November Caption Contest Winner!

Folks, we have a winner.

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November has come and gone, and with it, our last-minute November Caption Contest. But this means good news for one of you, because we picked a winner. And that winner is MilesTag! As predicted, a "how many lightbulbs" joke takes the crown of glory.

alt text

How many lightbulbs does it take to screw four engineers out of their lunch break?

Congratulations MilesTag, $100 in SparkFun credit is headed your way! Feel free to leave your acceptance speech below. And don't be discouraged if you didn't win; we'll see you all later this month for another caption contest!

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  • Acceptance Post: Thanks guys! Since it IS "The Season"... I'll just add something to it and pass it on to a more needy nerd, lol. I'm sure I can find a local electronics class or Boy Scout troop that will put it to good use. Merry Christmas!


  • I would love to know what the real back story is to this photo.. lol

    • Careful what you wish for.

      But okay. We were hanging a bunch of light bulbs from the ceiling as an art project dreamed up by Gregg and built by Nick. There are more photos on the flickr set if you're curious!

      • Hmmm. You should have tried to light them all up with a Tesla coil, that would have been interesting.

  • How are the caption contest comments organized, because it seems like the comment on the top always wins.

    • I don't know if the comment on top always wins (a select and mysterious group of Sparkfunions decides these things), but the reason the popular comments are on top is that we have an upvote system. If you like someone's comment, you can click on the star to increase its vote count. The comments with the most votes appear at the top of the list.

      • I hadn't noticed the upvote system at all. Now that I look it's also interesting that one's own comments can only be downvoted. Probably a good idea to prevent star inflation.

        Anyway, when I look at the comments I don't really care about what my fellow readers like most. I want to see the latest posts first, instead. There's usually a lot of ancient posts complaining about one thing or another (price, function,etc.). Over time that noise dies down and the comments turn into substantive ones. That's probably because of upgrades, improved firmware, hookup guides, etc. So what I really want is to view the posts in reverse chronological order instead of star order. Is there a way to do this?

        • Anyway, when I look at the comments I don’t really care about what my fellow readers like most. I want to see the latest posts first, instead.

          As it happens, I'm working on the comment system right now. The first thing I'm doing is making the sorting consistent across all the places we display comments (it'll be ordered by stars first, then reverse chronological). I'll see what it might take to allow users to choose a couple of different sorts.

        • Just up voted this. I sometimes try to get the latest info about something here and depending on the up votes it can be any where. I want a pull down to pick the sort order.

          • The theory is that useful information will be upvoted and appear towards the top of the list (so if you see a useful post, please upvote it!) And I believe the newest posts can be found at the bottom, at least until they're upvoted. But we'll talk about user sorting options, thanks for the idea!

            • Why was I the only one to up vote this comment?

            • And I believe the newest posts can be found at the bottom, at least until they’re upvoted.

              And thats the problem, once they are upvoted they kind of just float in the middle of the pack unless they get a ton of up votes.

              • See my other response in this thread. At the moment, they actually sort differently on blog posts (newest at bottom, after sorting on votes) from products (newest at top, after sorting on votes). This will change soonish.

  • My entry got deleted :-(

    I guess they decided that it wasn't clean enough, even though it involved a hot tub :-)

  • Then, approx. first 30 comments get up-voted. Rest are having just 1 star though they are funny enough. Which means if you wanna win you gotta comment immediately... :-( I really hope that you guys go through each & every comment.....

    • Hiya - while I can't speak for all the upvoters out there, we do look at every submission when we're picking a winner! And while there are always several contenders for the crown, the mysterious panel's majority vote rules. It's hard to predict what the judges will choose, but we try not to be swayed by the fickle world of internet stars.

    • Congratulations to the Winner though :-) :-)

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