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SXSW Create 2014

We came, we taught, we ate our weight in breakfast tacos.

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Two weeks ago we were just 19 people with a dream: a dream to put a sharp needle and a fistful of electronics in the hands of every man, woman and child at South By Southwest, and teach them how to sew up a circuit (also a dream to put a breakfast taco in the hands and mouths of 19 SparkFun employees). I'm here today to tell you that dreams come true, and from March 7-9, not only did we get to help around 1200 enthusiastic SXSW Create attendees make their own wearable, light-up badge, we also consumed a borderline-obscene quantity of breakfast tacos*. Videographer and newly-converted Lone Star enthusiast Gregg has assembled a great recap of our time at SXSW and some of the exciting things we saw. Check it out!



As you can see, we were very busy and had a great time. We also have a slew of photos we took at the booth and around Austin on our Flickr page, so have a gander. This was our second year hosting a workshop at the SXSW Create tent, and it's a great fit for SparkFun. We loved seeing what all the like-minded makers and doers are up to, and meeting all of the people who came by! Thanks to everyone who stopped in and made our weekend great - either by assembling a kit or just chatting with us about what you're into - and we'll see you in Austin next year!

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  • Chelsea the Destroyer wrote:

    *footage not found

    Pix or it didn't happen!

  • I was hoping I'd meet a SparkFunner at the EFF party on Saturday eve where I debuted my Arduino-powered Wormhole Actualization Machine which was built with lots of SparkFun components/tutorials. I'll get a video of it soon, but in the meantime, here are some pictures from the event: http://www.datax.com/pictures/projects/wam/

  • Hmmm... as a customer of both SF and Adafruit, I noticed several of both companies' products in the video. The tie the teacher was wearing wasn't turned on, but it sure looks like it has a bunch of Neopixels on it (Adafruit has a video about doing a necktie).

    • Well spotted! Charlie is particularly interested in wearables, and was sporting Adafruit's Ampli-Tie. It's a very cool project, and he put quite a lot of work into it.

    • Wouldn't doubt it - good eye! We actually carry a number of items from the NeoPixel line.

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