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It's Project Time: The Glowing ELastoLite Rabbit of Glory

I wrote a tutorial about how to make a nightlight with ELastoLite. It's pretty ok, so check it out. DO IT.

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Happy Monday, internet friends! As one of SparkFun's resident wordspersons, it never ceases to amaze me when I manage to successfully cobble together some electronics. One time I found a way to express my feelings through the universal language of love: pizza. This time around, I harnessed the power of our line of ELastoLite products - a series of components for incorporating an endlessly useful, flexible and waterproof light-up panel into just about any project - to make a nightlight of lagomorphic proportions. BEHOLD:

alt text

The good news is, I did all the cursing and figuring out for you, so if you'd like to create a glowing critter of your own, you can skip to the head of the line and check out the tutorial here. If you like electroluminescence, velociraptors, detailed visual documentation of other people's mistakes and the ultimate domination of good over evil, you'll have a good time. And if you're a beginner, trust me when I say if I can do it, you can do it. And stay tuned, because an easy way to get everything you need to start an ELastoLite project is coming soon!

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  • OK, despite being in Mensa (and having served on their national Board of Directors), I had to use Google to find out the meaning of "lagomorphic". So you got me on that one!

  • I made a jewelry box with an LED heart on in :-) Here is a video of it: http://www.dcoptimum.com/electronics-for-my-lovely-girlfriend/

    DC Optimum Technologies website has a lot of projects on it and up coming Arduino stuff to :-)

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