SparkFun Live - Elevator TARDIS Box

Join us on May 27t for the next episode of "SparkFun Live!"

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On May 27th, 2014 at 3 p.m. MT, we're hosting the next episode of "SparkFun Live!" In this edition, SparkFun Engineer Mike Grusin will be showing you how to build an Elevator TARDIS Box - a box that uses an accelerometer, a LilyPad MP3 player, and some other bits and pieces to create a unique sound box that plays when it detects motion. Check out the video to see it in action:



A music player like this has loads of applications - we hope you'll join us for what should be a very fun build. If you'd like to build along, you can find the wishlist of parts here. If you can't follow live, we'll be posting the video for later viewing as well!

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    Never mix Star Wars and Star Trek, EVER.

  • I always knew Sparkfun had a padded elevator in the building.

  • Hmmm... sort of reminds me of a Popular Electronics project from maybe 25 years ago: it had two sections, one being an IR transmitter and the other having an IR receiver which, when the IR beam was broken, it would make "weird" sounds (it was promoted as a project for Halloween). It also had a delay to avoid "retriggers". The local kids' reactions made it well worth the effort to build -- I remember one boy, maybe 12, who thought he'd figured it out, but then couldn't get it to sound off again, until he gave up and then happened to break the beam once again after the timeout had expired. Then there were a couple of girls who were really too old to be out Trick Or Treating, and let out very satisfying screeches when they triggered it.

    Hmmm... if there weren't so few kids in my current neighborhood I'd be tempted to switching to a PIR detector, or maybe the old reliable IR beam. (BTW, the "original" used a module from RS that was intended to receive the modulated signal from a remote control, so eliminated most falsing from stray IR [can you say "sun"?].)

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