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I love it when I hear this in the office. Every once and awhile we get to hear from a SparkFun customer who is working on something phenomenal. Most recently, Aaron our tech support guru forwarded me an email from Jared, a customer using the GeoChron in a unique way.
That is Sumi, Jared's dog fitted with the GeoChron.

Jared: "I have always been curious about just how much further my dog explores than I when we go on hikes. I've wanted to visualize the differences in our paths, speeds, and total distance traveled. The minimal design of GeoChron coupled with highly accurate and complete data finally made it possible to actually strap a GPS to my dog. With some stretching nylon fabric and a few minutes on the sewing machine, I created a modified collar to keep the GPS on the back of the neck facing the sky."
"My initial test was a trip to the neighborhood park to play some frisbee. It went great. You can clearly see the our walk down to the park from our house in the upper left. Some time with me wondering around the park (orange), throwing the frisbee, and my dog Sumi (blue) running like mad to catch and return them to me."
"I also wrote some custom software to read the GeoChron's text files and visualize them as lines in an abstract space."

"A few fitting improvements later, I decided we were ready for a hike in my favorite wilderness area. Sadly I don't have an image of this visualization because Sumi's GeoChron was damaged on her first run. Apparently she muscled through a Juniper bush in pursuit of a rabbit. I think a low branch must have hit the GeoChron on her back. The SD card was facing forward and was jammed back into the unit, causing the reader to break all it's solder points."

Amazing work Jared! Thank you very much for emailing us! We look forward trying to fix your GeoChron. We can't wait to hear more adventures of Sumi!

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