New Product Friday: New Puppy Friday

This week we have not only a few new products, but a puppy. Check out the cuteness.

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We have our usual selection of new stuff this week, in addition to a special guest star. This week is the acting debut of Wedge. Wedge belongs to Chris, who you might remember from last week.



One of the perks of working at SparkFun is the ability to be around puppies without having to actually own a puppy.

In the video, we show the new Rapsberry Pi cases which were actually released last week. You can find them here. We're currently out of stock, but more are on order.

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Need a pressure sensor you can use underwater? Check out the new MS5803 breakout board. What makes the MS5803 unique is the the gel membrane and antimagnetic stainless steel cap that protects against 30 bar water pressure.

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We forgot to talk about this last week, but we have the essential sensor kit back in stock. This kit contains all the basic sensors you'll need to start playing around with integrating sensors into your projects. It includes an accelerometer, photocell, temperature sensor, infrared sensor, and more.

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This week we also have the LilyPad Arduino USB back in stock. This board uses the ATmega32U4 which eliminates the need for a separate FTDI and lets you do some cool HID stuff too. The new version has some production-level revisions (footprints and such) and a better USB connection.

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The new version of the RedBoard shows up in retail packaging this week. The RedBoard was our answer to the ever-changing Arduino versions. The design is loosely based on the older Duemilanove with the bootloader from the UNO. It's what we like to think of as a 'best of both worlds' board.

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Lastly, we have a new version of the XBee shield this week as well. This popular board gets a few minor tweaks, mainly updating to the new R3 shield footprint. If you need to use XBees with Arduino, this is the shield you need to get.

That does it for this week. Thanks for watching and of course we'll be back again next week with more new stuff for you. See you then.

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