Join Us 11/25 for SparkFun Live - Tweeting Turkey Temperature Timer

We're building an awesome holiday-themed project - join us!

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The holidays are truly a time of distractions. Whether it's catching up with Great Aunt Ida and her patchwork quilting exploits, or watching your 3-year old nephew scale the Christmas tree like a tiny, blond King Kong - it can sometimes be difficult to keep your eye on the figurative prize. Which in this case, is the revered holiday meal, be it a golden turkey, a glistening ham, or a expertly-baked frozen pizza.

Fortunately for you, SparkFun has your back with our next episode of "SparkFun Live!" We're going to build a "tweeting turkey temperature timer" so you can keep an eye on your food without - well - actually having to keep an eye on your food.

Does this demo sounds a little silly? It is! That's because our goal isn't necessarily to show you how to build a turkey thermometer, but more to to show how to tweet your sensor data using the new Intel Edison. We'll also be talking about different applications (example: wearables, robots, and other type of projects) and ways you can use Twitter in your own Edison project!

Here's a sneak peak:

We're going to be doing a live-build on Tuesday, November 25th at 3 p.m. MT. If you want to join in, here is a wishlist of the parts that you need. Unfortunately, you'll notice the thermocouple amplifier is out of stock right now - fortunately that's not necessary to build a tweeting project (but would be necessary for the turkey thermometer). We're hopeful it'll be back in stock in time for the build but can't be certain yet.

In this already action packed SparkFun Live, we've got even more! Need a cheap project to keep the children or other family members under control? Create a simple light up holiday project with an LED with copper tape, button, and coin cell battery. We will show you some fun holiday theme examples like a pop-up card and a light-up paper turkey (see other examples of e-craft projects here). The wishlist is for one project, so if you have a lot of family members to please, then you are going to want to get more LEDs, coin cells, and buttons! You can find that stuff here:

We hope you'll join us for what should a very fun and meal and sanity saving project! See you then!

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  • LightManCA / about 10 years ago / 1

    Couldn't help but notice... that was a cooked chicken that was put in that toaster oven. What spark fun... didn't want raw meat in a real oven? (just kidding I probably would do the same). Now cooking a real turkey in the reflow oven... that would be worth watching ;).

    • hahah you have a great eye! Yeah, we don't have an oven here at SFE and we didn't want to buy a big turkey. To be honest, I don't know the first thing about cooking a turkey besides the quick google search before the video taping. For the live video, there is a chance I will be using a heaterizer to heat up a hot dog to show the working demo, since we don't have a lot of time to show a whole Turkey cooking.

      Not sure how production will feel about a real turkey in the reflow oven...still would be great to try. haha

  • TRON / about 10 years ago / 1

    A turkey tweeting its temperature while being cooked! Has science gone too far?

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