LED Coffee Table

The LED Coffee Table tutorial is posted! Check us out at Maker Faire Austin.

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The LED Coffee Table is another massive LED project that we dreamed up a long time ago. It took nearly 2 years to pull off! We use 64 RGB serial matrices, 4 Atari controllers, and an LPC2106 dev board to create a cooperative game of Pong.
Eeek! Rat's nest. I wonder what the back side of a JumboTron looks like...

A bit hard to see, but you get the idea. It's actually a lot of fun to play! We'll have the LED Coffee Table at Maker Faire Austin this fall. Speaking of Austin - stop by and checkout our booth! We're going to have a ton of blinky stuff, and have soldering workshops to teach basic through-hole and surface mount soldering.

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  • i know someone that did something like this and it cost him a couple thousand and counting.

  • Look forward to seeing you in town!

  • What was the cost of this project?

    • You don’t want to know. Start by multiplying the cost of the serial RGB matrix by 64 then add in a couple hundred hours of engineering and assembly. I’m sure we could do if for much cheaper now, but we learned a lot.

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