Getting Started with Edison (now with more Edison!)

We've been adding to our popular series!

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In December we started a video series introducing you to the many features of the Intel Edison, a compact computing platform we love so much we designed a whole catalog of blocks to accompany it. The possibilities are innumerable and we know that can be intimidating, so we've been working our way through the catalog in the Getting Started with Edison series to help you get acquainted. Last week we added two videos - one covering the value of a package manager, and one using the new Pi Block to connect a temperature sensor - bringing our total number of episodes thus far to six! In case you missed them, be sure to check them out:

If you've missed any of the other videos - covering topics like WiFi, blinking an LED, updating Linux and more - you can find them, and helpful additional information like tutorials, links and associated products, here. We have more episodes planned, so stay tuned!

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