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LET'S DO THIS. No we did not ask Pete first, so hurry up & captionize it before he notices. If this isn’t your first caption rodeo you know the rules, but here they are again:

  • Leave your funniest clean caption to the photo in the comments section below. We reserve the right to delete captions that we deem inappropriate. We’re not too stingy, but try to keep it moderately PG-13.
  • Captions submitted any other way besides in the comment section will not be accepted! That means do not use the feedback form, though you may really, really want to.
  • Captions will be accepted from the moment this post goes live until Friday, October 16 at 10 a.m. Mountain Time.
  • A crack team of humor experts will pick the winner and we will announce it shortly thereafter.


alt text

The winner of this month's caption contest will take home a shiny new Multi-Chassis and, if you can believe it, 37 4x6" Photoluminescent Panels. Use 'em in your haunted house! Light your room and save money on utilities! Cover yourself in luminescent panels and tell everyone you're Light Man! THE SKY IS YOUR OYSTER.

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