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The November Photoshop Contest winner

To the victor go the spoils.

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It's time to crown the winner of last week's Photoshop contest, which featured Matt Johnson of SparkFun Kitting fame pointing enigmatically out into the unknown.

We all loved the entries (except Matt, who may avoid all cameras henceforth), but there can be only one winner and this month, subtlety reigns.

alt text

Congratulations FSJ Guy! We always thought Matt had a sort of 1860s vibe going on. For your historically significant efforts, you'll be taking home a Raspberry Pi 2 Starter Kit!

We're also throwing a high-five to HelicopterGuy, whose Gangnam Style submission was clearly the popular vote winner, but who was forthright enough to let the judges know that in real life he's a guy named Rob who works in SparkFun Tech Support, and while a talented photo manipulator who enjoys the sport, is thus disqualified from receiving any glory or spoils.

To everyone else who submitted an excellent piece of our new Matt Johnson mural, keep honing those skills because a new Photoshop contest will be here before you know it!

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