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The Arduino UNO WiFi Scholarship

Submit your project for the chance to win!

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No matter your skill level, if you've got an Arduino-based project you're particularly proud of, the internet has some great news for you: The Arduino Foundation has announced the Arduino UNO WiFi contest - a chance to submit your project to win a new Arduino UNO WiFi board and one of 49 scholarships of up to $10,000 as part of the UNO WiFi developer program.

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Everyone who submits their project for the Arduino UNO WiFi contest will automatically be entered for the scholarship program and have a chance to be a part of the UNO WiFi development. Check out the details and enter here by January 31!

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  • Thank you for letting your network know about the competition! I'm so excited to see all the projects using Arduino, especially from the young makers!! Good luck to all the maker/hackers out there!

  • I got a couple of cool projects in my projects folder, but in every case they're just me reinventing the wheel.

    While squeezing a game of life program based on the Nokia 5110 screen down to 1k of RAM is pretty cool, everyone and their mother has done it by now. The same with the complete HTML web server that I made, too.

  • Probably you should make a note that this contest is organized by Arduino.org, or as I like to call it "that other Arduino".

    • It can definitely be confusing with both offering contests on new boards to 1000 makers. Plenty will probably miss the distinction between Arduino Foundation and Arduino or the use of the phrase "Arduino-based". The burden shouldn't be on the consumer, but you'll just have to inspect offerings carefully before purchasing, if it matters.

      I guess SF didn't announce the contest on Arduino.cc because it partners with competitors. Fair enough.

      The product line up between the two varies a bit. Some of the boards you may be used to are retired at Arduino.cc and still offered on the Arduino.org site.

      Since you are not in the US, your boards should say Genuino if you are looking for official Arduino.cc offerings outside of the US. I hope that helps.

    • Call it what you will, we're less concerned with the web domain and more concerned with letting people know about an opportunity to win a scholarship for their hard work. Anyone interested in entering can find more information on their contest page!

      • Another contest: there is a great opportunity to win a all-paid trip to one of the four big MakerFaires for three persons. Hackster.io and Arduino LLC are holding the 'World's Largest Arduino Maker Challenge' (more info at arduino.cc). The 1,000 best ideas submitted by January 15th receive a new Arduino MKR1000. This board has a smaller footprint than the UNO R3 and contains an Atmel SoC that combines a SAM D21 (Cortex M0) processor with low-power encrypted WiFi (unlike the UNO WiFi mentioned above which uses the ATMega328 and the EPS8266).

      • It would be nice if it will be that simple. You are in USA, I'm in Europe. For me Arduino means different company than it should mean for you. Is it legal to sell Arduino.org boards in USA under Arduino brand?

        • I don't know if it is legal to sell arduino.org boards in the USA but they can certainly be bought through sellers on Amazon.com -- and who knows what you get on ebay.

  • I don't see the UNO WiFi listed yet as a SparkFun product. What WiFi chipset is used and is this board manufactured by SparkFun or by Arduino.cc or by Arduino.org?

    • You can find some info here: http://hackaday.com/2016/01/04/new-products-and-new-directions-an-interview-with-federico-musto-of-arduino-srl/

    • It looks like the project is still in early development and details are not readily released as of yet. However, you can find more info on the Uno Wifi here - http://bit.ly/1Rc47FV Sparkfun has no affiliation with this development or contest. We are simply sharing because we think it's interesting.

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