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When we released the RedStick after much clamoring, we wanted everyone to know how easy and fun it is to customize, so we set our Creative Technologists Nick, Sarah and Shawn loose to create their own Add-On Kits, which help you add functionality and build simple projects. Each of them came up with their own set of products and ideas, and we showcased them in our Friday video a couple weeks ago. Here's a refresher:

Since then, they've been hard at work creating not only product wishlists for each of their kits, but also a set of new tutorials showing you how to use everything once you've gotten it!

Nick's Synth Add-On Kit tutorial

Sarah's Sensor Add-On Kit tutorial

BadgerHack: Sensor Add-On Kit

February 16, 2016

Turn your Badger or Redstick into a temperature and soil moisture sensing display with the BadgerHack Sensor Add-On Kit

Shawn's Gaming Add-On Kit tutorial

BadgerHack: Gaming Add-On Kit

February 16, 2016

Make a Breakout clone with the BadgerHack Gaming Add-On Kit.

Each tutorial will walk you through how to add and use the additional parts to get your RedStick up and running, playing games, making noise or sensing all the things. And remember, if you want to get your hands on the free original Badger board (predecessor of the RedStick) and try out some of the add-on kits, come visit us in Austin, TX, at SXSW Create from March 11-13. We’ll be set up in the Palmer Events Center, and we’ll be running an interactive soldering booth with the Badgers so you can build your own! The three different add-on kits will be available for sale (the only place they will be packaged and sold together), as well as the RedStick. As always, let us know what fun RedStick projects you come up with!

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