Deep Conversations and Awkward Pauses

Meet your makers in our newest video series, spearheaded by SparkFun's photographer

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As a photographer at SparkFun for the past six years, I have had the privilege of documenting a wealth of inspirational projects, and the honor of getting to know the people behind them. This is a perspective I want to share with the world. It is my pleasure to introduce "Deep Thoughts and Awkward Pauses." This is a series of interviews where we pick the brains of influential and creative members of our community. These casual conversations are designed to give you a deeper insight into the mind and environments that produce projects and decisions that shape our future. The series is hosted by resident 'funion Pearce Melcher. I think Pearce is a rad bro and I hope you feel the same.

Our first interview is with our new CEO Glenn Samala. If you enjoy the first part of the interview be sure to continue on to the extended portion afterwards.

We're hoping to release one new episode a month, so enjoy a few-week awkward pause and stay tuned for the next video in December. Know of a maker who you think would enjoy being interviewed? Let us know in the comments!

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