Business Card Holder Competition

The more we talk about the people in the production department, the more we start to realize just how….special…they really are.

Earlier, we posted about their Solder Sculptures - pieces of art created from discarded/damaged electronic parts. Well, the production team is up to their antics again, this time hosting a business card holder competition. Led by illustrious leader/Director of Production/Rock-and-Roll legend Matt Bolton, the fearless production artists participated in a no-holds-barred creativity cage fight.

The winner walks away not only with bragging rights and fifty bucks cold hard cash, but with a shiny new Ferrari! (Ok not really…but…bragging rights! Yeah!)

Here are the runners-up:

And the grand-prize winner (warning: mind-blowing awesomeness-filled image below)

So there you have it. When the production team isn’t busy building widgets (which, quite frankly, they are 99% of the time), they let their creative juices flow!

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