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New Combat Bots Divisions!

More info on the biggest bots in the west and the new plastic ants division

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This year we are expanding combat! More weight classes, more destruction! As we have done in the past, We are adopting the Sparc Rule set. We have a total of 5 weight classes to choose from.

  • 1 lb (Antweights)
  • 3 lb (Beetleweights)

and NEW this year

  • 12 lb (Hobbyweights)
  • 30 lb (Featherweights) 1 lb (Plastic(!) Antweights)

alt text

We are expanding our weight classes with two additional arenas. The 3 lb bots will get their own 8' x 8' arena this year to give some more room to maneuver. The 12 and 30 lb bots will also get their own arena that's 16' x 16'. It's going to be tons of fun, get it.. tons... like, for real, this stuff is heavy.

Our last new weight division is something a little different. We have always wanted to encourage new people to give robot combat a try but sometimes the thought of total destruction can be intimidating. The concept is to build the entire robot from plastics or 3d printed materials. This shortens the build cycle as you don't need a machine shop, just some hand tools and a 3d printer. If something breaks? Print a new part! The rules are the same, it just need to be 100% plastic (Ok, motors, batteries, controllers, connectors, switches, nuts, bolts, bearings, axles, and anything else mechanical needed to make your thing move). Western Allied Robotics has a great and simple ruleset to follow.

This weight class is going to be focused towards K-12 teams and teams that just want to have fun. Bring something fun or wacky but I, Caseytherobot, have sole discretion to see if your FEA optimized, built by rocket scientists, tested by fighter pilots, hand selected filament, robots should be competing with the the rest of the FEA optimized, built by rocket scientists, tested by fighter pilots, hand selected filament, robots.

alt text

We are going to have an awesome 2 days! (3 if you are registering). If you have any questions, post below or get in contact with us, I'd be happy to answer them.

Thanks and get building!

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