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Dumpster Dive 2017 is Today!

10 minutes go by pretty quick...get it while you can!

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Update 11:20 am MT: And it's over! Everything appears to have processed through just fine. We will be building your orders in the coming days and weeks. We will be writing a recap in the next week or two explaining everything that happened. Thank you everyone in taking part!

Today is Wednesday, September 13, 2017. Today is Dumpster Dive. Today at 10 a.m. Mountain Time, we will be opening the flood gates for you to get a chance to purchase your very own Dumpster Dive box. You will only have 10 minutes to successfully purchase your box, but we will be building to order this year, so as long as you get an order in it will be fulfilled in the order it was received. It may take a bit of time to process each order but we do intend to begin fulfilling orders within 30 days of today.

The Dumpster Dive - 1/2 lb.

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Please remember, the Dumpster Dive is a gamble, and the contents are **not **guaranteed. We will not provide tech support or returns on any of the goods, since many are not products we ever supported, or might be returns with unknown defects. Every box will still have many usable parts. If you are looking for fully functioning, well-documented goods, we would advise against participating in Dumpster Dive.

The Dumpster Dive box will appear retired and unavailable to "add to cart" until 10 a.m. MT! Let's go over the rules one last time:

Today is the day!


  • September 13, 2017, from 10--10:10 a.m. MT
  • Limit one box per customer
  • 1/2lb boxes only
  • U.S. customers only
  • Economy shipping only
  • No on-site sales
  • No support or returns

We will be providing updates once this hullabaloo is over just to make sure everyone is in the know. Have a great day, and happy diving!

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