MAKE: Japan and Some New Products

MAKE Magazine hits Japan, pogo pins and PCB hardware, and a easy to use barcode scanner.

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MAKE Magazine has made its way to Japan!

Complete with Arduinos and everything MAKE!

Piezo vibration sensors
are a great way to measure physical movements (flex, touch, vibration and shock).


This is an extremely simple to use barcode scanner. Plug it into USB and it enumerates as a HID, like your keyboard. No drivers needed.


These are quality 28 and 40 pin ZIF sockets that make connecting to DIP ICs super easy. We use these extensively for batch programming of DIP ICs.


Check out some of our new hardware for your PCBs and our wide assortment of pogo pins.


Thanks to Pete, our in house test bed master and proprietor of the "sneaky footprint", we use pogo pins for our test beds in production.

Also, keep an eye on the current sensor category, we are adding new Powerline Modems and accessories quite often.

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